My very first blog post! EEEEEK!

So, i’m not tech savvy…. at all. But my best fran (you know who you are you saucy little minx) encouraged me to get this baby going. This is what all the cool kids are doing these days, right? Documenting their life on a blog? Well, my life just got turned way upside down yesterday. Here’s how it went down. Stay with me, folks…….

I went to see my doctor because I could kinda feel that my blood pressure was kind of high….something just didn’t feel right. Doc says let’s draw some blood…mmmm ok. Doc recommends a liver ultrasound. mmmmm wut? Doc says we found 3 masses in your abdomen. Doc recommends a CT Scan.! Doc recommends biopsy (not pleasant). Ok, this is getting out of hand. Doc says “hey, come on over to my office.” mmmmm. That ain’t good.

Lymphoma. Are you fucking kidding me right now? Malignant large b-cell lymphoma.

Lots of unknowns at the moment, but it sounds like Hubby, and I are packing up and heading to San Antonio for a few months of treatment. Treatment meaning chemo. Chemo meaning i’m probably gonna lose my fucking hair. Really? Is it bad that i’m concerned about that right now? Tisk Tisk, Lindsay…you’re soooo vain! You probably think this blog is about you. Well, it is! So, i’ll blog all the gross shit that goes along with beating cancers ass! Enjoy y’all!


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