The Best News!

I have news peeps! Hands down the very best news i’ve gotten since this shit show has gone down. Some of you may not know…..wait, who am I kidding. Everyone who will read this blog knows that my dog is the LOVE OF MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE! However, in the event that this blog EXPLODES with popularity and a bunch of random people start reading it then I should give you the low down about my dog, Farley! He’s 10, and he’s the most perfect little nugget ever. Yea, yea….so he’s not a fan of small humans, and he’s a bit of a shit to everyone…except me. He makes everything better! I was stressed AF thinking about what I was going to do with him while i’m in San Antonio getting treatment. My Mom who is typically my only go to just had a knee replacement so I wasn’t sure if she could care for him. Not to mention I would of had to drive from Clovis to KC to drop him off and then KC to San Antonio for two months of treatment. I’m sure you’re sick of reading so i’ll just cut to the chase. I’m not going to San Antonio for treatment!!! I’m going to Southwest Cancer Center in Lubbock, Tx which is a premier treatment center in the area! The chemo cocktail they use to treat NHL is the same no matter where I go, but getting treatment locally (90 miles away) means that I can be home and feel like shit! WOO HOO! And……most important i’ll be able to feel like shit at home WITH MY DOG!!  OWOWOWOWO!!! As it stands now i’ll be having chemo in 21 day cycles so i’ll be sick for a few days, but there is a possibility that I can return to work between treatments. (this all depends on how I respond) I should be going to Lubbock in a few days to complete my echocardiogram, PET scan, and hopefully have my port-a-cath placed. Then it’s off to the races, peeps! Here we go! img_5248


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