Progress… like pulling teeth.

I’ve started typing this post……and then erased it……started typing it again, erase, start, erase. So i’ll keep it short because it’s Friday and i’m sure everyone is ready for the weekend. But please….. PLEASE if you, or your loved one ever gets sick and you feel like the service that you are getting from your health care provider team are slacking……CALL THOSE ASSHOLES OUT! Let this be a lesson to everyone! No one cares about your health except you. Don’t expect anyone to go out of their way to help you in regards to your health care. Don’t expect anyone to share your same sense of urgency. And when the that last straw falls and you feel like you are about to lose your shit, GO FOR IT!

Yesterday, I lost it on my Nurse Case Manager. She’s a nice lady. Is she as direct and assertive as I am? No. But she’s alright. It’s her JOB to help people in situations like mine and i’m sure she knows what she’s doing. She’s got me going down a path and then out of left field she changes it up on me. She’s not kept me informed of important decisions she’s making on my behalf and I let her know. You must keep your people accountable. If they set an expectation that these chips will fall this certain way and they don’t, check them. Situations change, but don’t be afraid to speak up and ask why. Write things down. GET INVOLVED! Don’t take anything anyone says for face value. Do your own research and be your own advocate. Yesterday after all this BS was over I was SUPER angry and irritated because how is it that I STILL do not have an appointment yet to see my Oncologist after this long? How can they let people just sit around and wait knowing they have a disease that can kill them? This is madness! And magically today my temper tantrum paid off! Voila! I’ll be seeing my Oncologist for my initial appointment in 2 short weeks! Now, I won’t go off on a tangent about how the scheduler at the Oncology office said she was doing me a “favor” by “squeezing me in” to see the Doctor. I’ll do her a favor by not burning her house down when I get to Lubbock. B****.

I received this meme from my base doctor (who happens to be a bad ass) and it perfectly describes my attitude. Don’t be like Bert. Or do. I don’t care, but stay out of my way.



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