Let me hit you with some knowledge……

As most of you know i’m taking advantage of every free service any cancer patient can get their hands on. A free class about how cancer patients can put on make-up and not look like cancer patients. A support group in the town I live in. A cancer buddy from the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society….and those are just to name a few. Last night I got on a chat room that is facilitated by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society it’s specifically for Young Adults (yes, I still fit into that category) who have Hodgkins and Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. So, i’m chatting away with some peeps named Mike, Bros (um.. what?), Tommy, Sage (who is the facilitator), Laurel and Claire. We all have different types of cancer…some more rare than others. And we are bouncing questions back and forth about what we’ve got, stage, treatment….you know perfectly normal conversations to be having on a Tuesday evening. And one of the guys (Tommy) pops up and says that even though his doctors have told him that diets make a huge difference in cancer treatment that he is still craving sweets, and junk food. So, Mike pipes up and says “The myth that cancer feeds off sugar is just that, a myth.  You should eat what your body is craving. Your cortisol is level is out of whack.” (1. you clearly don’t know what cortisol is. Like not even close. 2. This Mike guy is NOT a doctor and the facilitator for LLS did NOT say a word!) It literally look every fiber of my being to not throttle this guy….via web chat. I almost turned into an internet tough guy…..you know the ones we all make fun of. But I didn’t! In fact, I kept quiet – excused myself from the chat and texted my bf Lori about how fucking stupid this guy was. Like, let me break this down for a second to prove this ass clown wrong. There are specific guidelines that you MUST follow in order to get an accurate PET scan (that’s the scan to check where/if your cancer has spread). And because i’m a freak I was told to start this 24 hours before my scan, but I want precision accuracy. So naturally i’m going with 48 hours. So, from now til Friday….no caffeine, no carbs (sugar), and NO absolutely NO NO NO sugar….not even chewing gum. And all of the water I can handle (i’ve already peed 4 times and it’s only 9am). I am not joking around here. So, the premise of these guidelines are to STARVE THE CANCER CELLS OF THE FOOD THEY ENJOY. Sugar if you’re not following along. Then, when I arrive at the hospital Friday morning I spend 2 hours drinking this glucose/barium cocktail. Why you ask? To light those MF’ing cancer cells UP! TO FEED THEM! So they can see EXACTLY where they are. You with me still? Does continuing to consume sugar still make sense? Cancer survivor or not…..I’m really praying that your answer is no.

I can only speak for myself when I say this, but having cancer is a mental chess match……against YOU and YOU only. If you are a research junkie like I am then you’d know that YES cancer has been linked to sugar intake! And YES eliminating sugar, and not eating like a fat truck driver can help in cancer treatments. Take if from this dude – “Highly processed carbohydrates are strongly linked to cancer, in part because they raise levels of the growth-stimulating hormone insulin.” – David Ludwig M.D. P.H.D. endocrinologist and researcher at Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School. #1 NY Times bestselling author. Basically a guy who knows his shit. So, back to the mental chess match. Why…..WHY would you not do everything you can to set yourself up to be in the best possible shape to start chemo? WHY…..WHY would you not continue that same warrior mindset WHEN you are getting chemo? And that mindset is not driving thru McD’s everyday for a McDouble, or driving pints of Ben and Jerry’s into your piehole because you had an emotional day! That’s defeating the purpose! MIND OVER MATTER! 

So, i’ll go ahead and address the elephant in the room….I know what you’re all thinking. Lindsay, you’re preaching this healthy ass lifestyle but YOU STILL HAVE CANCER. Ahhh….yea, I know! But my specific type of cancer is due to a genetic defect in my DNA. It doesn’t matter if I was a GD vegan for the rest of my life, this shit would have got me eventually. Basically, my parents created an X-Men mutant with cancer. Thanks Mom and Dad. For most of you that know me and are reading this blog you know. But for those of you don’t and are reading  after this mofo goes viral, I do lead a pretty healthy lifestyle! Honestly! I do! I workout, I eat right about 90% of the time, I don’t drink often, no smoking….I think it’s repulsive. However, I did survive 1.5 winters in Minneapolis with unlimited access to Glamdoll Donuts, Mojo Monkey Donuts, Parlour Burgers, and the most delicious Curry you’ve ever had in your LIFE from this British pub called “The Local” Did I pack on some pounds?  Yup. But in my defense I was on a kick ass powerlifting team who actually went on BURGER CRAWLS. Like a pub crawl, but better….with the most delicious burgers this side of the Mississippi. It was GLORIOUS! I kinda got off on a tangent there…..let’s bring it on back. Did I indulge? You’re GD right I did. Do I indulge now? Fuck. No. I’m in a fight for my life and you think i’m gonna let a pint of rocky road stand in my way? 

**disclaimer** I’m not a doctor. Do not take my opinions as the gospel. If you have cancer, even if you don’t have cancer and you enjoy eating McD’s on the reg. That’s cool! You do you, boo boo! But I won’t lie to ya….that shit is disgusting and i’ll be silently judging you from afar. RO OUT!



One thought on “Let me hit you with some knowledge……

  1. Seriously Iove it that you tell it like it is! Eliminating sugar and processed crap and loading up on fruits and veggies! You can so do this and I am so praying for you! Love your positive attitude!


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