Not the news I was expecting…..

Welp, for those of you who have been following along you know that today was the day I met with my oncologist. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the news we were quite expecting. I’m still waiting on the PET scan report from the radiologist here in our little town, but I was able to take a disc of the photos they took. I’ve now got lymphoma in my chest and my abdomen. Boooo. So, this shit is growing REAL damn quick! I’ll quickly cover our day today….we aren’t 20 minutes into our 90 minute drive and hubby and I immediately start talking about what we’re going to eat for lunch before my appt. In the grubby town we live in we have a Applebee’s (Club Bee’s as my girl Emily calls it), Chili’s, a shit load of mexican restaurants, and a newly built BWW (which is delicious, but mostly because one of my gal pals runs that joint). So fan girling over Olive Garden, Chic Fil-a, Whataburger is now our favorite past time. We’ve totally turned into the people we used to poke fun at. Anyway….we roll into Lubbock and decide to try a new burger joint called “Twisted Root”. The second I walk in I know that this place is my kind of establishment…..big garage doors that open, big ass chalk boards with the menu wrote on them, AND the best thing….jars and jars of pickles. Spicy pickles, bread and butter pickles, ranch pickles…..I can straight up drink pickle juice anytime anywhere so this place is my jam. And the burgers were down right DELISH!

Alright, i’m off topic. We arrive at the cancer center, i’m the youngest person in the waiting room by at least 10 years…..or maybe I just look young because i’m a sunblock nazi. Either way….you can tell there are some very sick people being seen here. I check-in, donate more blood wait for the docs. I met 2 of them today….Zach and I gave them nicknames already. My oncologist who is a mid 60’s, portly indian dude with a REAL thick accent. You can tell immediately that this guy is smart as shit. He’s spouting off all this chemo knowledge from some mental rolodex all while sitting on the stool, with his eyes close. I shit you not. his last name is D’Cunha…..but we call him D-unit. The fellow that assists my oncologist looks EXACTLY like the little asian dude from Ocean’s Eleven. You know who i’m talking about! So we’ve named him Ocean’s Eleven….he’s finishing D-units sentences, again…..friggin super smart guy.

D-Unit gives me the run down of the chemo, and then tells me he’s also ordering a bone marrow biopsy (it’s exactly as unpleasant as it sounds) along with my port placement. Since the cancer is growing so rapidly he wants to ensure it hasn’t started attacking my bone marrow. Joy. After that’s wrapped up my nurses take me on a tour of the infusion center. Let me tell you….this has got to be the most sobering place on the planet. The room is kind of a horse shoe shape with 3 long rows of recliners and IV poles. The recliners are filled with people tucked in their blankets like gorditas….some are sleeping some are watching tv, and they all look miserable. I kinda had an idea what I was in for, but the tour was definitely a reality check for both Zach and I.

So the waiting continues! But the finish line is getting closer. A few more days until the insurance approves all the junk and away we go. If things go as planned i’ll have my biopsy and port placement next week and it’s possible that I could start chemo next week as well. Just depends on D-Units schedule. I’m sure some of you are wondering what my odds are. This cancer is VERY treatable. Even though it has spread more quickly that I had anticipated and i’m likely not stage 1…maybe 2 or 3 my course of treatment will not change. 6-8 rounds of chemo given every 21 days. My Oncologist said my chances of remission are in the 90% range. The chances of relapse in the first 2 years are 20% – 30% and they decrease every year after that. Once I hit the 5 year mark i’m considered “cured”.

Ok! That’s all for now. I’m typing while watching Zach try and keep his eyes open while watching reruns of “How I Met Your Mother” Bedtime for these two bozo’s!  Adios amigos!



5 thoughts on “Not the news I was expecting…..

  1. Love you so much! Praying for you every day. God uses the crappiest parts of our lives, so just know this means you’ve got something extra special to give the world! P.s. – the infusion room sounds awful. I figured at least you’d have a private room for that! Blech.


    1. You know….we have the option, but there are LOTS of women who get prego after chemo. Specifically this chemo! If it’s in the cards, it’s in the cards. And if not, that’s ok too! We are considering getting another fur babe once i’m done with treatment!


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