I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A bird will fall frozen dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself.

Holy. Crap. I had NO idea that posting the blog would get this sort of response! Thanks SO much to everyone who called, texted, facebooked, messenger pigeoned, smoke signaled with well wishes! We are totally overwhelmed with love! If I haven’t responded to your messages I WILL! I promise! I’m not ignoring you!

I’m prepping feverishly for chemo! I would imagine that this is what the “nesting” phase feels like when you’re about to birth a small human. Wanting to ensure your house is spotless and everything is organized. I’m making soups and shit in my instant pot and freezing it like we’re getting ready for the apocalypse. Side note – if you don’t have an Instant Pot or a Power Cooker XXL run, do not walk to your nearest computer  and buy that shit from Amazon. Do it now. Zach and I got one for Christmas and it’s changed my life. You throw some crap in that thing, press some buttons and Voila! You got dinner, baby! In no time flat. And bone broth…OMG you can make some bitchin’ bone broth in that thing! I have 15 jars of it in my deep freeze! I’m OBSESSED!

Shit. I’m off topic again. Back to this nesting thing. Until last weekend I was still digging thru boxes in the garage to find shoes to wear, but i’m feeling the pressure now to get my life together! Word of advice….do NOT get diagnosed with Cancer and then pack up your house and move to a new one. Just take it from me. Spare yourself the undo stress. I gotta clean, gotta unpack, gotta organize! But seriously….I really do appreciate all the compliments on the blog, too! I friggin HATED every GD English class I took in high school and college…..I mean hated it. Like with the fire of 1,000 suns type of hate. But this blogging stuff ain’t so bad. I’m certainly pleased you’re all enjoying my cancer stories…ya friggin sickos! Just kidding…..sorta. Anyway! Bone marrow biopsy and port placement will all take place next week! Then chemo starts on February 16th! I did have the option to start chemo on Valentine’s Day but decided against it. When Zach and I started dating I was living in Minneapolis and  he was in KC, but we still decided that we’d be each other’s “valentine” long distance. Yea, it’s real cheesy! And not to mention very inexpensive on his part. But that’s what you do when you are in LOVE! So, instead of going out on a date with him I went out on a date with my girlfriend Alex to a restaurant in Minneapolis that’s famous for Juicy Lucy’s (if you don’t know what these are I strongly suggest you google it. I’ll wait) and snarfed burgs and had lots of beers. And then I drunk texted him all of our shenanigans. SUPER romantic. Prior to that my Valentine’s Day was spent with my girl Lori getting hammered on the beach in Florida while my Dad drove us around. So, as you can see I take Valentine’s Day VERY VERY seriously! This year I wanted to spare my honey the chore of cleaning up my barf on a holiday I hold to near and dear to my heart. You’re welcome, Babe!

Now….here’s the big question to ponder. I’m going to lose my hair. I’ve come to terms with it. I’m ready. The question is how do I handle this change? Do I say FUCK IT and shave it myself before I start treatment? Like Demi Moore in GI Jane? I’m gonna be honest with you. I can’t do a one-armed push up and I’m certainly not going to tell Viggo Mortensen to S my D. (BTW if you’ve not seen Captain Fantastic yet – RENT IT NOW) Or better yet Britney Spears circa 2007 when she went off the deep end? Do I take pictures and compare to see “who wore it best”. Do I cut it into a super cute/short pixie cut now to lessen the blow when it falls out? The options are endless! I’m open to suggestions people!


9 thoughts on “I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A bird will fall frozen dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself.

  1. I haven’t needed an excuse to keep my hair super short since I stopped birthing humans so I may not be the best at giving advice on this but I say do 1 if 2 things here Linds: Wait till you have to cause you might get surprised and not need to (unlikely I know just being optimistic) OR just lop it off!! May I recommend the latter…here’s why. You see this option my friend comes with a life-long friend solidarity cut. Thats right! You shave your head I shave mine. No joke, cross my heart!! Then when I come visit we walk around pretending to be coneheads 😂 Love ya always buddy


  2. I snagged some real damn cute turbans off Amazon! I’m gonna sport a few of them when they arrive next week to try and get used to it! My oncologist recommends I just shave it right off…..basically my hair won’t stand a chance against this stuff! I’m meeting with my chemo nurse one on one next week so i’m hoping she can tell me how quickly to expect it to fall out. Geezus Louise i’m ready to get this thang going!


  3. As I read your posts, I hear your voice reading them in my mind. As for your hair, pick a cute super short cut you’ve always wanted to try. You will still look like a hottie no matter what.

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  4. We love you, Lindsay!!! Kevin and I read your blog this weekend and are in complete awe of you! Your amazing strength and positive attitude are so inspiring! You will win this!!! You’re in our constant thoughts and prayers!!!


  5. I say do some badass short cut first… that way you get a little fun out of it. On a side note, after my brother went through chemo, his ability to grow a beard has been awe inspiring (he previously could not grow any facial hair). So see, there’s something to look forward to. 😉


  6. My step-mom was diagnosed with Stage 4B vaginal cancer a few years back. She knew she was going to lose her hair so she went for a short pixie cut. Ended up loving it. Now she has bet ALL odds and her health is great. Truly an inspiration! Anyway as her hair grew back she voted to keep it short as she realized she really liked and it she looked amazing! So my vote try something fun and new that you never would have done 🙂

    Brett and I are thinking of you and sending lots of prayers!!


  7. Holy shit… I hadn’t even read this blog post before I commented on fb about your GI Jane do. I COMPLETELY FORGOT SHE TOLD HIM TO S HER D!

    I fucking love you ❤


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