She kept saying hollow needle!!!

Today was biopsy day! And also chemo education day…..most of which i don’t remember because I was all hopped up on Ativan and dialudid.

So Oceans Eleven came in, pushed around on my hip bones and decided the left side would be adequate. In the meantime my head nurse, Wila asks me if I minded if a student nurse observed the procedure. I was like COME ON IN! It’s only my butt! They spike my IV with the drugs and I kinda start floating out of my body until Oceans Eleven starts shooting me up with lidocaine. He says “I’m numbing the skin but there is no way for me to numb the bone” Errrrr….you’re just telling me now?? So away we go with the procedure and he shoves the hollow needle into my bone……it is exactly as unpleasant as it sounds. And then it happens…… the student nurse whose observing the procedure gets woozy and passes out like a sack of potatoes. Bye girl! He finishes the bone marrow extraction and I sneak a peek. Blood and what looks like fat in a syringe. Then the real magic happens….. he starts taking a tool that actually has to pull a piece of bone out. Like an inch long piece of bone….probably a little bigger thicker than a toothpick. I asked to see it and immediately regretted that request. Blek.

PET scan says it’s spread to my neck as well meaning we’re comfortably at a stage 3, but if it’s in my bone marrow we are stage 4. This is the last piece of the puzzle! We are still on for a port placement Friday and chemo starts next Thursday. D-unit is still very confident I’ll have extremely good scans after treatment #3.

But can we get back to the topic at hand please? Was it the site of my plump booty that made that gal faint? Or the big ass syringe of marrow being sucked out of my hip. Guess we’ll never know……

Until next time, friends…..


7 thoughts on “She kept saying hollow needle!!!

  1. Sweets…who said you have a plump ass?? I believe D Unit…that you will see good results by week 3. Hang in the Linds…you are a rock…and we love you! Dad 2


  2. Sounds like a tough day! Praying for more positive news to come your way! Not knowing you, I am inspired by your blog writing while you “kick cancers ass!” I have known several people who have done it and from what your Dad shared about you as a person, I have no doubt that if anyone can, you will be that person, keep up the fight and faith!


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