Tommy used to work on the docks…..

Union’s been on strike

He’s down on his luck
It’s tough, so tough
Gina works the diner all day
Working for her man

She brings home her pay for love
For love

She says, we’ve got to hold on to what we’ve got
‘Cause it doesn’t make a difference if we make it or not
We’ve got each other and that’s a lot for love
We’ll give it a shot

WHOOAAAAAAAA, We’re halfway there!

Tell me you’re belting that shit to the heavens!! CAH-lassic. And also a good intro to me being halway done with chemo! Yea buddy! Like did the past 9 weeks fly for you? It did for me…..But for reals, let’s put the pedal down and get this shit over with.

Treatment #3 was last Thursday! So, technically i’m past the halfway point but the song is still very relevant in my book. Because I love hair bands. All of them. And no question i’ll beat you in an air guitar competition anytime, any day. Try me.

So 3 down 3 to go. I gotta say, peeps…..i’m kinda kicking ass at life right now. And it feels good! You know….when a person gets diagnosed with cancer and you finally get your game plan together and start rehearsing in your head how the next 6 months of your life is going to play out you get mixed reviews. Oh wait…you  mean planning your entire chemo treatment in your head before you start chemo treatment is not the norm? Well get on my level peeps, cause that’s what I did. Treatment every 3rd Thursday? Sweet! Going back to work the following Monday! This is how I plan on protecting myself from germs, these are our meal options going forward…..blah blah blah. Setting the stage for my idea of a perfect recovery. Because i’m type A and that’s just how I roll. I get these plans in my head and I just start vomiting them out to people….friends, family….basically anyone who will listen. Let me tell you my survival story and i’ve not even started! I’ll be honest I got some side eyes. Like whoa Lindsay, those are lofty goals! Perhaps they are/were but is that the right thing to say to someone who is trying to psych themselves up to fight cancer? Especially if you’re a medical professional, not naming any names but I almost judo chopped Zach’s  PT right in his effing throat when he checked me on my plan. Like STFU, dude! First things first, you’re not an oncologist. Second things second, YOU aren’t going thru treatment and third things third STFU AGAIN!  I’m basically a unicorn. Just ask my husband he will tell you! Exceeding all expectations! Don’t come at me with your negativity or pessimism. I’ll put a boot in your ass.  My hair is growing back at kind of an alarming rate, AND full disclosure I got my period. ON TIME! None of this shit is supposed to happen when you’re on chemo. NONE. And… I kinda wanna rub it in his dumb face! But, i’m a lady (sometimes) so i’ll wait. And until then i’ll just stroll on by his office when i’m there…..pop my head in and say hello. Looking all fly and shit with my contour on point and my brows on fleek. I can’t believe I just typed that.

Anyway….this isn’t a PSA on how to speak to a cancer patient. It’s just my ramblings…… But as you can tell thus far treatment is going really well. The Big Kahuna said last week he wouldn’t have even recognized me because I look so good and am recovering so well. And it feels nice to hear that! That my plan is working! Does the treatment suck? Absolutely! But it’s just the steps you have to take to win the mental chess match. Because that’s what this is. It’s ALL mental. And i’m fucking winning! CT Scan is scheduled for next Monday to confirm what I already know……the tumors are shrinking and the cancer is dying a very painful aggressive death. However, the size of the shrinkage (hehehe) will tell Kahuna if I have to have 3 or 5 more treatments. 5 ain’t happening, people! It just ain’t! Until then…..


One thought on “Tommy used to work on the docks…..

  1. I believe you are spot on! The cancer is dying a painful death! How dare it even try!! I love how positive, energetic, and down right funny you are!! Much love coming your way Linds! 😘😘😘



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