You guys! I’m sorry. Again. I feel like i’m starting this blog the exact same way as I did my previous. Apologizing! I’ve done a rotten job of keeping my fan club updated with my shenanigans. Yes the tumors are shrinking, but the treatments are now starting to take more of a toll on me. I’m pretty much zombified after chemo for at least a week or so. I initially thought after the first couple treatments that I could just BREEZE through, but I know now what everyone was talking about. The chemo builds up in your body and it’s whooping my ass! But…. the finish line is close. 24 days to be exact.

I’m starring down the barrel of treatment #5 this Thursday. As much as i’m dreading the 9-10 days after i’m SO excited! I’m also very excited for my trip to Whataburger afterwards. Not that i’ll remember how delicious it is because i’m all jacked up, but i’m excited for it nonetheless. Looking back at when I was first diagnosed I really never thought I’d get to this point! It’s very surreal! I’ve made plans to take a few post-chemo trips already AND most importantly i’ve gotta talk to the Big Kahuna this week about how soon after chemo I can arrange to get Botox! My forehead is busted as hell!

So….goings on since #4. Lemme tell ya. I had the opportunity to speak at my local Relay for Life Survivors dinner. I have spoke in public since college and let me tell you…..I was rusty. I looked back at the video and cringed because I said Ummm about 37 times. UGH! I hate that! But in my defense I was trying to not lose my shit in front of a bunch of strangers. Do you remember the gals I blogged about A LONG time ago? The gals that are in my cancer support group? Colon and breast cancer survivors? Well….we’ve all become very fast friends. Funny how cancer can do that. I think we’re very lucky in that way. Anywho, Riley was the coordinator of the dinner and Rebecca and I were the speakers. (See the pics below) – these two gals have been my life savers through this entire thing. It’s weird to think that I had to get the big “C” to meet these amazing women because we would have most likely not crossed paths if I didn’t. I wanna put them both in my pocket and carry them around all the time! I just love them SO MUCH!

And….what else? My hair….let’s talk about it. I think the normal M.O. for a lymphoma patient is to say “what hair?” But not me. Nope. Not my hair follicles. They’ve given the big “EFF YOU” to chemo. They’ve basically said “We Do What We Want!” And have decided to grow. It’s bizarre. I have bed head now! I mean I certainly don’t have Beyonce curls yet, but we are making progress. Perhaps by my birthday i’ll be able to toss the beanies! I took a little side by side pic from April 18th which was 2 days before my 4th treatment. It’s SO weird! I was prepared for the side effects of course…..the extreme fatigue, bone pain, nausea…blah blah blah. But what I was dreading the most was the hair loss, supposed finger nail loss or darkening of the nail bed, losing my brows and lashes, temporary menopause…on and on. But besides the hair loss of course none of that other crap has happened! My Oncologist and nurses think i’m some sort of freakish fem-bot. Which i’ll totally take that title because it’s certainly better than the alternative! AMIRIGHT?!?!? But i’d like to think it’s a testament to how healthy I was before I started treatment. I had the opportunity to really get my shit together before I started treatment….even really before I knew I was sick. Tightened up the diet and stopped the booze. Not that I was drinking a ton, but I cut it out completely. I really think that put me ahead of the game when I started chemo. So….if anyone reading this blog and is about to start chemo OR just got diagnosed HOLLA AT YOU GIRL! I’ll tell you everything I did to whip my ass into gear.

Ok i’m now at the rambling stage. I need to cut this off. I’ll leave you with a few photos including the side by side of my dome. Good grief i’m so pretty. Downhill stretch peeps! I’ll let ya know how #5 goes, and most importantly when I can get my botox! Byeeeeeee!






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  1. You are so beautiful, wonderful, and strong! Keep chugging along sweets…it’s almost finished. Wait…what is whataburger??? 😘😘

    Love ya Linds, Dad2


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