Ohhhh Emmm Geeeee Yous Guys! I’m Done!

220 days since I got the call about the tumors. 197 days since I got the diagnosis. 147 days since I started chemo. And it’s done. I’m still in disbelief. I’m obviously still kind of in my prednisone haze so I don’t have anything witty to say. But wow. I’ve had a lot of Best Day Evers……. I mean I celebrate my parents best day ever on August 7th when I celebrate my birthday. You’re welcome, rents! The day I got hitched to my side piece was pretty rad, too! But HOLY COW! Last chemo day…..that kinda tops the cake! My Mom was there….Grandpa, Cancer Babes, our besties/neighbors (just missing my Dad, but he was too busy drinking beer in Germany -_-). I’m almost certain we annoyed the shit out of everyone who was still getting infusion because we were SO loud, but no regrets. Not one. Not one letter. It was a spectacular. And now we wait……for 6 weeks until I have a follow-up CT Scan. Kahuna says he’d rather do a CT Scan instead of a PET scan because PET’s cause a lot of false positives (they’ll pick up on ANY sort of inflammation in your body and flag it as the bad stuff) so, his plan is to give me a CT scan next month and if the little itty bitty spot (scar tissue) that that’s still hanging out in my abdomen is the same size/location then I’ll be in the “R” word. I’m kinda even hesitant to type it because I don’t want to jinx it or jump the gun. But if i’m in the “R” word then i’ll have CT scans every 90 days for the next 730. Yea….730 days, or 2 years. OH! And my main B, Felicia VolderPORT gets to stay put for that long as well. SUPER!

So, now i’m kind of processing…. processing what my new normal is. Letting my body heal up recover from all this bulllllshit i’ve put it thru the last few months. And of course trying to get my thoughts together on how i’m going to move forward and manage the Scan-xiety that everyone talks about. Which i’ll blog about of course….it’s in progress I promise! But until then i’ll leave you with some photos of my day! Enjoy!



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